Air Handling Units [ AHU CS ]

Features & Benefits PT. I.T.U. AIRCONCO's new Air Handling Unit is an improved product that offer a competitive value with superior quality. Our wide range of units can provide adaptability to any commercial or industrial application. There are 15 unit types of unit for horizontal arrangement and 9 models for vertical arrangement which can accommodate airflow volumes of 1,700 CFM to 59,200 CFM (2,880 CMH to 100,580 CMH). These double skinned panel units with 1/2” OD copper tube and aluminum fin coils provide the optimum in Air Handling Equipment. New AHU is designed to have an attractive appearance with its extruded aluminum extruded frame and polyurethane injected panels which have excellent thermal properties (0.68 W/m2 K) and maximum sound reduction through the casing. With a unique locking system where panels meet the frame, there are no bolts and nuts visible on the outer surface of unit, making the AHU more simple, neat and sturdy. High Grade Aluminum Frame Framework is designed with aluminum material and nylon corner connection for ease in building. It has more advantages in flexibility and is possible to Completely Knock Down (CKD) and build in an area where access or space is limited. All panels are double-skinned (walled) panels and injected between with high efficiency Polyurethane foam insulation material which give maximum thermal insulation and attenuation to break out noise. Double-skinned (walled) panels have a smooth surface which makes cleaning easy to reduces risk of dirt collecting on unit. This air tight characteristic makes it a superb application for hospitals, food industries and the electronic industries as it ensures a clean air supply. High Efficiency Coils ITU ½” OD Copper tubes Cooling Coils for AHU units give maximum cooling and dehumidification and are used in the standard Drainable Chilled Water Coils or optional Direct Expansion Coils with pre-engineered direct expansion circuiting selection. Fans For duties up to 3 in-wg of Total Static Pressure, standard fans are Forward Curved heel while for a higher Total Static Pressure, ITU offers either Forward Curved Medium Pressure or Backward Curved Wheel depending on technical specifications.

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