Outdoor Units [ YICA ]

ITU - YICA & YIDX Series are series of ITU-Ducted units that applied as a Direct Expansion/DX Split System to suit as an effective commercial and industrial Air Conditioning applications. YICA series are the series of condensing units with an attractive design, has a unique “U” or “L” shape coils for size optimization and easier maintenance handling. YIDX series are the series of evaporating units that are possible to be installed at the floor or suspended from the ceiling and can be manufactured to fit any space and any duct requirements. Suitable applied in a large commercial /industrial building e.g. shopping centers, offices, hotels, industries, hospitals, broadcastings, airport terminals, warehouses, ballroom, sport centers and other industrial purposes. These series are dedicated to protect environment by using go green Refrigerants such as R410A, R407C, which are ozone-depleting potential factors is zero. Capacity range are available from the of 20,000 Btu/H to 750,000 Btu/H, and the air flow ranging from 700 CFM to 20,500 CFM.

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