ITU is a manufacturing plant covers an area of  21,000 sqm and  located 25 km from Jakarta,  Sukadamai village, a prominent district, in Tangerang, Banten. The location is surrounded by a network of toll roads providing easy access to Tanjung Priok international harbor and an easy highway link to Sumatra island  through Merak ferry port . More than 100 skilled and well trained employees and professionals have been working at this factory since 1982.

ITU is the first Central Air Conditioner manufacturer in Indonesia. Established in 1979,  and it delivered its first products in 1982. Since production began,  ITU’s products have been installed in more than 950 large commercial and governmental buildings and industrial purposes. ITU started and developed under license from the York Borg Warner, Inc., USA (now York International, USA) since 1982 for more than ten years and after that ITU develops its own design, products and production as and purely National Company. ITU’s main goal is to produce reliable and affordable products,  and  to provide  the quick after sales service. The growth of our business and the customer satisfaction are the ITU’s objective and commitment while keeping continuously improvement to suit the market needs.

ITU Management made up of professional, well-trained engineers and technicians that work hand in hand together as a competent and dependable team. New technology and technical information is channeled to every employee at every rank to maintain and increase the technical ability of ITU’s management team. Our team focuses on not only the best quality in existing products and services, but also continuous improvement and innovation in existing and future products. We are dedicated to quality in our products, efficiency in production processes and relentlessly pursue excellence in our customer service. The management team focuses intently on the company’s vision and mission for the benefit of customers and our company as well.